Welcome to PNHT!

Who are we?

We are a group of programmers interested in mobile development.

What others say about us?

I am a big fan and your whole of PNHT. I like HS Omnia. And I saw that you think of Bulgaria as you add it BG. And if you need a tester I’m there. I’m serious and if you give me the opportunity will not give you! If you need another tester 5800 I’m there and I guarantee that nobody will get what you and I! If I can be useful only say something! I can not write applications but I can try them pretty well:) I’ve used almost all your applications and mods:) You are a great team.

And some more…

Hi! Loved your awesome Widgetizer! Am using it extensively now! :D

Also, I had a Widget recmmdtn, how about adding an Accelerometer Lock widget? We can do that by going into settings but having the option as a widget would be so much more cooler. Even better would be to integrate the Accelerometer Lock widget with the Multi-task window (the one that pops up when we long press the center white button on 5800).

Do think about it! :)